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Twitter can benefit interventional radiology through the sharing of information and by building communities, according to a recent article in Journal of the American College of Radiology

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Radiology Business caught up with RADxx cofounders Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, and Mini Peiris, CMO of Ambra Health, on representation, opportunity, inclusivity and empowerment of women in radiology.   

The Centers or Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2018 Final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule on Nov. 2, which will address changes to the Medicare physician fee schedule and other Medicare policies, has good news for radiology practitioners and providers. 

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The power of social media has been accredited to reducing knowledge gaps, building communities, contributing to social movements and connecting individuals personally and professionally. But the online networking tools may be lacking in disseminating additional information that is vital to public knowledge.   

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Those involved in radiology know the risks associated with medical imaging—but other physicians may not be so tuned in. A recent study published in JACR shows that physicians across multiple disciplines and levels of training know far less about the exposure and risk of radiation than patients deserve.  

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The large difference between learning about something and applying it to real-world situations is a truth that extends to high-risk profession of medicine. Experts say that medical undergraduate education lacks in simulation-based curriculum and is behind other professions that are risky in nature.

For years, medical researchers and vendors have tried their hand at involving computer aided diagnosis (CAD) into patient care. However, slow integration has allowed for newer cognitive technologies such as deep neural networks, or deep learning technology, to find an onramp into radiology imaging.  

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A study recently published by Journal of the American College of Radiology reveals promise through a trend of increased definitive reporting, while also calling for further education and training in reporting for radiologists.

Psychology and mental health professionals may now be able to decipher distinctive patterns of activity in an individuals' brain correlated to suicide through using health imaging technology.  

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A new state law in Colorado requires radiologists to include patients' breast density in mammography results letters, thanks to the research and advocacy of Centura Health radiologist and legislative chair for the Colorado Radiological Society Taj Kattapuram, MD.