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Michael Bassett
 - Consolidation-and-Change

Large Outpatient Providers Are Adapting, but Can Smaller Businesses Survive?

 - standardized-imaging

Over the last several years, there has been an increased focus throughout the imaging industry on imaging protocol standardization, or more often, the lack thereof.

 - Announcement

When it comes to demonstrating radiology’s value, IT will be indispensable, and yes, decision support is part of the platform

 - radiology

Three PACS veterans share future hopes and past disappointments about radiology’s great gift to the digital healthcare enterprise

 - lung screening

A review of lung cancer screening programs from East to West reveals the trials and tribulations of population health management.

 - key

A quick pulse check with a cross section of radiology practices reveals that there is a place in the market for practices of all types and sizes

 - Cost, financial

To prevail over competing demands for capital, hospital radiology departments must build a solid business case for new technology investments

 - map quest

Radiological and patient outcomes are under review as the specialty strives to define, demonstrate and measure its value in patient care

 - Payment

As healthcare heads toward value-based payment, radiology is challenged to move beyond the relative value unit to measure physician performance

 - Merger

Physician practices increasingly are affiliating or merging with other practices or aligning with or being acquired by hospitals in order to better support the investments needed to successfully implement alternative payment models, according to a new RAND report released in March.