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RIchard Heller III, MD, MBA
 - Richard Heller III, MD, MBA

Since the advent of teleradiology and the new phase of increased competition it ushered in, the nature of the radiology practice has been evolving.

Efficiency can be thought of as the volume of work done over a period of time. In diagnostic radiology, that has been interpreted to mean RVUs per radiologist per unit of time. With decreasing per-case reimbursement, we have seen particularly strong pressures to increase efficiency. Unfortunately, some practices have done so at the expense of other important functions.

As radiologists, we work in the options trade without even realizing it. Every day, we help clinicians make the best decisions by providing them with opportunities termed real options. These options are analogous to their financial counterparts, such as options on stocks. For example, when you buy a stock option, you have bought the right (but not