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Steve Smith
In many imaging offices, the reception staff is coached and scripted, and its members might even engage in role-playing exercises in order to create the best experience for patients.
In a span of one month in late 2008, the following four incidents were reported. In one case, a practice representative on the East Coast was making the rounds to shore up CT referrals. She reported that the referrals from one office had dropped dramatically because the referrer’s faxes would not go through. In another incident, a practice
It is highly probable that many practices will see their current payor mix change to one in which 80% or more of net patient revenues will be based on negotiated payments,” according to Christopher J. Kalkhof, FACHE, director and national managed care lead, Provider Revenue Cycle Practice, Deloitte Consulting, New York City. That was the opening

As radiology practices react to the impact of the DRA, some are tapping into the potential of interventional radiology to expand their outpatient services

In 1998, Jakob Nielsen, PhD, hailed by the New York Times as the guru of Web-page usability, wrote, “The Web is simply not that suited for advertising.”1 He also predicted that content would become self-optimizing. In his defense, it should be noted that Nielsen was right far more often than he was wrong. Since then, the Internet has developed both
As the business of radiology assumes a greater role in the evolution of your outpatient imaging center (OIC), it is important to remember that, essentially, yours is a people business.