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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) out-of-pocket provision for preventative care increased screening uptake, especially among lower-income patients, but the ACA’s impending repeal could undo those gains, according to industry experts.

Radiology Business spoke with authors from the four articles that made the Journal of the American College of Radiology's “The Best of 2016” to get some insight on each of their studies.

Irish researchers have found that on-the-job training quickly hoists new radiologists’ know-how, at least as regards appropriateness of imaging ordering, well above their competence levels heading into—and even upon completion of—their final year of medical school. 

A group of nuclear energy executives and consultants refuted the nearly 80-year-old belief that low doses of radiation can eventually cause cancer, instead positing that it produces a beneficial biological response, in an article published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

As the GOP prepares to take charge of the executive branch of the federal government while maintaining its majority in both legislative chambers, it’s not just healthcare watchers who are wondering if Obamacare may soon be history and nothing but. Much of the country if not the world is watching to find out. And many are wondering: What will Trumpcare really look like?