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 - sectra-webinar-breastimaging
What tools and tactics are making breast imaging specialists and clinicians more efficient across the healthcare enterprise?
Implementing a True Enterprise Image Management Solution (Q&A)
University Hospitals integrated health network is implementing a true enterprise image-management solution—VNA (vendor neutral archive)—which has been “a huge goldmine for patient care.”
The Adoption and Benefits of Digital Pathology for Primary Diagnosis (w/ Q&A)
Dr. du Plessis of the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust discusses how wider digital adoption will speed up reporting, provide greater intelligence, join-up care and allow pathologists to carry out their work much more efficiently.
Breast Tomosynthesis: Scientific Evidence, Clinical Experience & Improving Image Workflow
Watch this free webinar with Q&A, featuring Dr. Donna Plecha, Director, Breast Imaging, Mammography and Beverly Rosipko, Radiology PACS Manager of University Hospitals.
Webinar: Northwest ImageShare: Linking Images, Clinicians & Care
Getting images via health information exchange represents a unique technical challenge—and opportunity for collaboration.