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Building Cloud-based Image & Imaging Data Exchange Networks (with Q&A Session)
Listen to a conversation with Kathy Tunstall — Imaging Informatics Director at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center — and learn more about how Nuance Healthcare solutions helped OSU.
 - Andy Draper, CIO
Despite its immense institutional know-how and its pure heft—11 hospitals, 5,000 medical staffers, $4 billion in net revenues—the Hospital Corporation of America’s multi-state, Denver-based Continental Division still found itself sending CDs and printouts via, among other low-tech image-sharing...
 - Helmut Domagalski, Nuance
It’s been a year and a half since Nuance Communications launched the Nuance PowerShare Network. It did so by acquiring the cloud-based medical image sharing company Accelarad and expanding its platform into a powerful web-based exchange for combined images and reports.
 - William Boonn, MD
William Boonn, MD, had barely begun his career as a radiologist when his department colleagues started approaching him and fellow IT-savvy radiologist Woojin Kim, MD, with questions about analytics and data-mining. And why not?
 - Karen-Holzberger-cropped
The transition from volume- to value-based care is underway in the U.S., but a tremendous amount of uncertainty—and anxiety—continues to plague the providers who deliver that care.