Marketing and Wellness Initiatives
Building a profitable breast imaging service entails deploying the right technology for a multimodality approach, effectively triaging high-risk women, and taking great overall care of the CEOs of family health As the economy continues to weaken, community outreach is more important than ever for women’s imaging centers. Here are some cost-effective ideas for referring-physician and patient marketing. Put it on paper. The Center for Breast Care of Boca Raton Community Hospital, Boca Raton, Fla, has discovered that brochures and newsletters can make a big impact. “When I first came here, we had some problems with filling appointments in our satellite locations,” Larraine Chrystal, executive director of women’s services, explains. “We did a big push with the theme It Takes a Team and a brochure that listed all the things we do, and we had it in our waiting rooms.” Boca Raton Community Hospital also sends a quarterly newsletter to referring physicians. Go where the girls are. Charlotte Radiology, Charlotte, NC, partners with a local chain of hair salons and spas. “We speak at one of their big quarterly meetings about the importance of mammography, and in September and October, they wear campaign T-shirts,” Shawna Plate, manager for breast-health marketing and practice relations, reports. Get out there. Participating in community events is a great way to spread the word about your services. In the coming year, Boca Raton Community Hospital hopes to implement mobile mammography to reach members of the community with access problems, including elderly people who can’t drive. Think outside the box. Charlotte Radiology had breast-cancer awareness java jackets printed and then distributed them at area Starbucks and other coffee shops. “They cost pennies,” Plate says, “and they really helped reiterate our message.” Cooperate with corporations. Charlotte Radiology partners with local businesses in employee-wellness programs, building relationships with human-resources departments to increase internal compliance. “We’ve simply designed an inexpensive email program packet,” Plate says. “The cost to us is minimal.” Salute survivors. Every year, in October, Boca Raton Community Hospital takes a picture of its survivors to display in its waiting room; the annual salute to survivors reminds women that breast-cancer screening is important and sends a hopeful message. “It’s had a huge impact,” Chrystal says.