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An abscess is one of the few breast-specific emergencies that require urgent treatment in emergency departments (EDs). A new study, presented at RSNA 2017 in Chicago, found that ED environments generate unnecessary exams in addition to some that incompletely identify malignancies.

Discussion about the safety of using gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) in medical imaging has increased in recent years as a result of the element being found in patients’ brains following MRIs. In a new study presented Wednesday at RSNA 2017 in Chicago, however, researchers found no evidence of harm from the gadolinium being retained.

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is once again gearing up for its annual meeting at McCormick Place in the beautiful city of Chicago. What does RSNA have in store for attendees this year? Richard L. Ehman, MD, president of the RSNA Board of Directors, gave us a sneak peek. Ehman, a professor of radiology and Blanche R. & Richard J. Erlanger Professor of Medical Research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., previewed RSNA 2017 and reviewed some of the biggest issues affecting medical imaging today.

Patient-centric care is so important to Solis Mammography that every member of its staff keeps a “Promise Book” containing the practice’s guiding principles close at hand. The book offers an important reminder to the 600 or so team members spanning 44 sites: “Our promise is an exceptional experience, exceptionally accurate results and peace of mind for everyone we serve.”

Cleveland Clinic entered the rapidly consolidating world of radiology in 2016, developing strategic partnerships and mergers with independent radiology groups, and hasn’t looked back since. The health system reported revenues of $8 billion in 2016, a jump of almost 12 percent, and 11 percent of that revenue came from its radiology arm, the Imaging Institute.


Recent Headlines

Feel free to reduce CT dose when diagnosing pulmonary embolism

Clinicians can reduce the “tube voltage” (kVp) in CT pulmonary angiography without reducing image quality, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Researchers conducted a retrospective study to measure CT pulmonary angiography image quality as tube voltage was lowered, taking into account patient size as well as the benefits of simple image post-processing.

Q&A: Roundtable with authors from ACR's 'Best of 2016' articles

Radiology Business spoke with authors from the four articles that made the Journal of the American College of Radiology's “The Best of 2016” to get some insight on each of their studies.

Strategic Radiology joins WorldCare to offer diagnostic, consulting services

Strategic Radiology will now be a service provider to WorldCare, offering diagnostic and second opinion consultations which benefits clients and members outside their home countries make more informed medical decisions.

Health experts form 'Think A-Head' campaign to educate on CT scans

As the most common CT examination performed in children, Head CT has garnered the attention of health care experts including pediatric trauma surgeons, pediatric neurosurgeons, emergency medicine physicians, nurses and members of the imaging team across the nation who have teamed together and through an organization called Image Gently, formed the "Think A-Head" campaign.

Radiologists see potential in training to ID elder abuse

In a recent study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, researchers note that 10 percent of elderly U.S. adults experience mistreatment each year. Although radiologists don’t have specific training in detecting and identifying elder abuse, the interest in learning has been steadily increasing.

FDA Approves: Northwestern Medicine Chicago will be first in U.S. to offer upright CT scanner

A computed tomography (CT) imaging system that allows patients to be scanned while seated has received a 510(k) letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administartion (FDA) allowing P-Cure to market its P-ARTIST CT scanner system.

$100 million hospital expansion put on hold

A $100 million expansion of St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been put on hold by Catholic Health Initiatives to complete previously committed projects across the nation.

MR Theater improves patients experience during scans

Toshiba Medical is giving patient comfort a new definition with its new MR Theater, a virtual experience that allows patients to undergo the exam in a relaxing environment while providing clinicians with high quality images.

Unconscious detection: Radiologists find abnormalities without realizing it

Many abnormalities missed in clinical practice may, in fact, be detected by radiologists without their knowledge. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School measured physiological arousal while radiologists read studies, demonstrating the potential for a second-look warning system.

First patient dosed with PyL, a PSMA-targeted PET/CT imaging agent for prostate cancer

Progenics Pharmaceuticals announced that its first patient has been dosed in the company's phase 2/3 clinical trial of PSMA-Target PET/CT imaging agent, PyL, which it will be evaluating for diagnostic accuracy.