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No love lost for anthem imaging policy

Anthem is forging ahead with its decision to push outpatient imaging out of hospitals. Is the insurance giant a pariah or a harbinger? 

Population-based cancer screenings could save thousands of lives, millions of dollars

Cancer screenings at the population level—rather than on an individual basis based on family history—could save thousands of lives and reduce costs, researchers reported this week in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Patient preparing to sue hospital after experiencing MRI-related burn in 2016

A 72-year-old patient from Glendale, California, is preparing to sue Glendale Adventist Medical Center for a burn he experienced before getting an MRI back in 2016.

Cancer survivorship improving globally—but major disparities still exist

Cancer survival rates are increasing worldwide, but considerable gaps still exist between nations, especially when it comes to more lethal and childhood cancers, data from the CONCORD-3 study states.

Sticker shock: Army vet gets $8K bill for MRI

As healthcare costs outpace inflation, patients are more and more cost-conscious—with many often shopping around to minimize out-of-pocket costs—but medicine remains far from transparent. A recent story from WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama, explored one man’s shock when he received an $8,000 bill for two MRIs on his back.

Radiologist’s appeal denied in $5.9M wrongful death suit

On Jan. 30, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld a $5.9 million ruling against Pennsylvania’s Abington Memorial Hospital and the Radiology Group of Abington (RGA) in the wrongful death of a patient who had a feeding tube mistakenly inserted into his lung.

Imaging provider ordered to pay $16.2M for Medicare fraud

Imaging provider Orthopaedic and Neuro Imaging (ONI) has been ordered to pay $16.2 million for submitting false claims for Medicare reimbursement. ONI’s owner, Richard Pfarr, is liable for more than $6 million.

Investment firm agrees to buy Australian radiology provider

Shareholders of I-MED Radiology Network, one of Australia’s largest imaging providers, have approved a deal that would see a company backed by the investment firm Permira acquire its business.

Radiologists ages 55 and over sued more than younger colleagues

The older a radiologist, the more likely they will face a lawsuit, according to recent data published from the American Medical Association’s (AMA) 2016 Physician Practice Benchmark survey.

Family of former NFL player Mike Webster discusses being left out of concussion settlement

Mike Webster of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the first National Football League (NFL) player to be diagnosed with CTE, but his family is getting nothing out of the NFL’s concussion settlement.