Ohio's Columbus Radiology expands to Toledo

The largest radiology practice in Ohio just got a little larger.

Columbus Radiology announced an expansion to 10 hospitals within the Mercy Health System, with 14 area radiologists joining Columbus Radiology to provide services to hospitals in the Toledo area. Columbus Radiology is a Radiology Partners practice, allowing them to maintain local control while taking advantage of large-scale support programs such as clinical analytics or physician leadership boards.

“Partnering with the local radiologists serving Mercy Health allows us to provide the highest quality of care to patients throughout the region,” said Frank Castellano, MD, President of Columbus Radiology. “Referring physicians will now have the benefit of advanced technology, clinical collaboration and extensive infrastructure leading to a better diagnosis and improved treatment options for patients.”

Radiology Partners is the nation’s radiology physician practice, currently serving over 240 hospitals and clinics across the United States. According to Vice President of Clinical Services Richard Heller, MD, physician practice groups such as Radiology Partners have become an attractive option for radiologists in the face of industry consolidation.

“These [payors and hospitals] are so incredibly large that they can dominate a particular market,” said Heller. “They have negotiating leverage, so physician service groups can be squeezed out.”

Radiology has consolidated at a slower pace than other specialties, but rapid advances in technology and a pressure to reduce costs have made it difficult for independent physicians. The ability to maintain autonomy while still reaping the benefits of a large practice is a big selling point for Radiology Partners, according to Heller.

“I didn’t become a physician to punch a clock into a giant machine, I care about patient care and local control,” said Heller. “You only need so many high-level people focusing on revenue cycle management, but they’re expensive so it’s tough for small or medium size practice to afford.”

The push toward value-based care means hospitals demanding more from physician groups, such as subspecialty or 24/7 reads. Advanced services like these are something Radiology Partners and Columbus Radiology believe they can deliver.  

“Mercy Health’s mission is to improve the health of our communities and deliver the highest quality healthcare possible to our patients,” said Jason C. Theadore, Vice President, Ambulatory Services & Business Development for Mercy Health–Toledo. “Partnering with Columbus Radiology furthers our mission by providing our patients access to one of the most respected radiology groups in the country, let alone in Ohio."