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Imaging Informatics


Now that patients want to play a more hands-on role in their own healthcare, the quality of radiology reports has never been more important. In a new analysis published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, the authors highlighted current reporting standards and emerging best practices with special emphasis placed on patient-centric concepts in radiology reporting.

In the last decade, radiation exposure and patient dose has decreased in cardiology, according to trends analyzed and evaluated in a recent article published by the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  

Radiologists may want to invest in cloud-based image sharing software for departmental workflow purposes. New research in the American College of Radiology showed high efficacy of cloud-based image sharing in a mammography department.

A recent study in the American College of Radiology aimed to assess spending patterns on high-cost imaging during the final three months of life.

Cheryl Petersilge, MD, MBA, with the department of regional radiology at the Cleveland Clinic, examined enterprise imaging—and how radiologists must integrate and collaborate with other departments. Her clinical perspective clinical perspective was published online in the October issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.


Recent Headlines

Healthier lifestyle associated with fewer dementia-related brain proteins in PET scans

Having a lower BMI, eating healthier foods and getting more physicial activity could be associated with fewer PET scan-detectable amyloid and tau proteins in the brain in adults with subjective memory impairment and mild cognitive impairment, according to a new study.

New lymph node-detecting method could be better for breast cancer patients

Considering the limitations of current methods of locating sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer patients, a new clinical trial might pave the way for a safer and easier of detection.

PACS Roundtable, Part 2: The Ideal PACS-EMR Relationship

An expert panel weighs in on what makes the PACS-EMR integration click

Chemo drug might harm ovaries in female fetuses

According to new research, the chemotherapy drug etoposide might be dangerous for female fetuses’ developing ovaries. The findings, published in the journal BioMedCentral Cancer, changed the previously held view that most cancer drugs, when administered to pregnant women, are safe for their fetuses in the second and third trimesters.

Radiation as effective as surgery in prostate cancer patients, study suggests

New research suggests that high-dose radiation therapy may be as effective as surgery for patients suffering with prostate cancer, a discovery that could lead to the simplification of the treatment process for patients.

Fujifilm announces new products to improve outpatient imaging centers

The FDA has approved radiology products FDR Visionary Suite and the FDR Clinica X-Ray Components by Fujifilm, the company announced in a statement August 3.

UMass interventional radiologists work to fill gap in peer review process

Peer review is a method doctors and health researchers use to hold the work of their whole industries accountable, including within the field of diagnostic radiology. But most interventional radiology practices don’t have similar standardized processes with which to verify work among radiologists.

Evidence of cancer shown in bone of ancient human ancestor

Although cancer is commonly thought to be increasingly caused by modern-day pollution and poor diets, a new discovery on a human ancestor is testing that theory.

AAPM annual meeting to emphasize medical physicists' value

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine’s (AAPM) 58th Annual Meeting is set to start July 31. The program will include presentations of new research, lectures and other events centered on the theme of “Communicating our Value. Improving our Future.”

New CT machine joins West Coast health system

At least four hospitals and 60 clinics throughout Idaho and Oregon are about to see an imaging technology upgrade, according to a statement by the hospitals’ network, Saint Alphonsus Health System.