RLI launches 12-week Leadership Accelerator Series in September

The Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) has announced that its Leadership Accelerator Series will launch on Sept. 1. The series provides participants with a mix of live class sessions and private, self-paced research.

According to the RLI’s website, the series will help radiologists “understand economic principles impacting health care financing and physician compensation,” “harness the diverse, complex array of styles, goals and visions of their practices” and other skills. Individuals who complete the series earn the RLI Level II Leadership Proficiency Certificate.

“The Leadership Accelerator Series is the latest evolution of the radiology classroom,” Frank J. Lexa, MD, RLI medical director, said in a statement. “The Accelerator empowers you as a radiology professional to take the next step in your career, to understand the forces affecting your practice and to advance your career and practice as healthcare evolves.”

The series is scheduled to last 12 weeks, ending on Nov. 17.

The RLI was formed by the American College of Radiology to help get radiologists the leadership training they need to succeed in their professional careers. Lexa was named medical director earlier this year.