Michigan's concussion law now requires coaches to take online awareness training

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced Monday that Michigan’s Sports Concussion Law has been updated and now requires coaches and other adults taking part in youth sports to complete concussion awareness training online every three years.

Other updates were made to the law as well. For instance, it now says that MDHHS should review its concussion training program “periodically” and recommend changes when needed. In addition, the definition of “youth athlete” had been modified to no longer include 17-year-old athletes who are “enrolled solely in a college, university or other institution of higher education.”

“There is ongoing research on concussions and their effects on youth athletes,” Eden Wells, MD, MDHHS chief medical executive, said in a prepared statement. “Requiring the online training be completed every three years instead of just once ensures everyone involved in youth sports has the most current information about the signs/symptoms and consequences of concussions.”