RedRick Technologies to Continue the Ergonomic Reading Room Discussion at Upcoming SIIM 2016 Annual Meeting

Mount Brydges, ON Canada, June 15, 2016 - RedRick Technologies, a provider of ergonomic radiology furniture, monitor mounting solutions and reading room design guidance, is looking forward to continuing the conversation about the importance of good ergonomics in the radiology reading room at the upcoming Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) annual meeting in Portland, OR, June 29 - July 1. RedRick Technologies will be in booth #216-218.

RedRick Technologies can now address the need for a more compact and cost-effective radiologist workstation that still provides a high-quality, ergonomic, and fully adjustable, sit/stand workspace. These new workstations will enable more healthcare facilities to benefit from the link between good ergonomics, radiologist health and productivity. RedRick Technologies provides fully integrated and adjustable reading environments that reflect a consultative approach and high standards for product design, quality, and function.

Visitors to the RedRick Technologies booth at the SIIM 2016 annual meeting are also encouraged to pickup a copy of our latest customer case study about the challenges of balancing the demands of reading productivity and clinical collaboration. This case study reviews how the development of a new ergonomic reading room in the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre of the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Center in Hamilton, Ontario, helped their radiologists overcome such challenges to the benefit of their clinical and operational workflow. If you are unable to attend SIIM, this customer case study can be downloaded here.

“We believe every radiologist should deliver their services at an ergonomic sit/stand workstation,” says Greg Patrick, president of RedRick Technologies. “Radiologists must understand that the best position to be in is the next position you move to.” Greg notes, “Our goal is to foster education about how maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the seemingly sedentary world of the radiologist, as we find education to be broadly lacking.” 

Links to additional educational ergonomic reading room resources can be found here.

About RedRick Technologies

RedRick Technologies designs, develops, and optimizes reading room environments, and the ergonomic workstations they must synergistically incorporate. You know us best from our sturdy and carefully designed ergonomic workstations and monitor mounting solutions, however, our expertise encompasses space design, environmental control, lighting, and acoustics; all factors that must work together to optimize radiology reading room design. Over the last 13 years we have been helping our clients maximize department productivity, workflow, and space utilization, and ensure reading environments support the operational goals of both Radiology and the healthcare enterprise. Our four-step process ensures you maximize your department’s productivity, workflow, and space utilization, through an optimized radiology reading room design. Let RedRick help you realize a reading environment that facilitates your transition from volume-based to value-based imaging. Learn more by contacting us at 1-800-340-9511 and at