MRI machines can cause serious damage if patients, professionals aren't careful

A recent article in the Boston Globe outlined various dangers associated with MRI scans.

One instance in particular concerned a patient who was waiting for an MRI scan last year. While waiting on a gurney in the hallway, he was mistakenly wheeled back into the MRI room by a technician, leading to the patient’s bed being dragged forcefully toward the MRI machine. The technician yelled for help and tried pulling the gurney away from the machine, but with the magnetic force, he cound not hold onto the gurney. With the help of a colleague, he took the patient off the gurney and away from harm. What he heard next was the sound of crunching metal.

Frank Shellock, a longtime MRI safety specialist affiliated with the University of Southern California, said in a statement to Boston Globe: “These types of incidents like these are often kept private, due to embarrassment, making it difficult for healthcare providers to learn from one another’s mistakes.”

Since the accident, the hospital has added a review system called “just culture." This meant that it looked for gaps in hospital policy and procedures, rather than blaming the technician. They have also installed safety straps across the doors of its MRI rooms that need to be unhooked before anyone enters.

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