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Just the beginning: 6 applications for machine learning in radiology beyond image interpretation

Discussions about machine learning’s impact on radiology might begin with image interpretation, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to realizing the technology’s full potential, it’s like Bachman Turner Overdrive sang many years ago: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

3 common complaints about using social media and how to overcome them

As social media continues to grow in popularity, radiologists and radiology practices alike are using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to provide additional value to patients. A recent analysis published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology explored some examples of how users can get the most out of these new technological tools, including a look at some of the most common complaints and problems associated with social media.

Interoperability In Radiology: A Game Of Inches

In this new age of social media and physician scrutiny, the message is coming through loud and cloud to a growing number of radiologists: define your brand before it defines you.

How deep learning may revolutionize image-based diagnosis

For years, medical researchers and vendors have tried their hand at involving computer aided diagnosis (CAD) into patient care. However, slow integration has allowed for newer cognitive technologies such as deep neural networks, or deep learning technology, to find an onramp into radiology imaging.  

Machine learning, imaging combine to predict those at risk of suicide

Psychology and mental health professionals may now be able to decipher distinctive patterns of activity in an individuals' brain correlated to suicide through using health imaging technology.  

No, Health Imaging Is Not Trailing Behind Health IT

The computerization of healthcare continues to speed forward, and it’s not exactly flying below the radar. From mHealth to health-specific AI, from patient portals to portable patient data—to any of half a dozen other areas of techno-advancement currently generating buzz—it sometimes seems as though anything and everything having to do with HIT is a hit.

New website compares Maryland hospital rates to help consumers

According to the Baltimore Sun, a new website launched Oct. 19 by the Maryland Health Care Commission will help consumers compare costs of operations at different Maryland hospitals and ultimately allow them to make more informed decisions.  

Radiologists leverage AI to characterize cancerous breast lesions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now determine whether high-risk breast lesions (HRLs) are likely to become cancerous, in turn avoiding unnecessary surgery in nearly one-third of patients, according to a new study by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. 

New AMA initiative ties together health, tech sectors

The amount of healthcare data that currently exists is extensive—to say the least. The need for a single platform to house this vast amount of data and is vital. A new initiative from the American Medical Association (AMA) invites representatives from health and technology sectors to collaborate in solving this problem and attribute to a new era of patient care.  

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: The Game-Changer on Everyone’s Mind

AI’s Impact Will Be Monumental—Will Radiologists Go Along for the Ride or Be Left in the Dust?