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Corporate division: Philips will split

In the latest remodeling of the imaging technology landscape, Philips announced it will split into two companies, one merging its healthcare and technology businesses, with the other one focusing on lighting.

NRAD suffers data breach involving 97,000 patients

Nassau Radiologic Group, better known as NRAD, a 58-radiologist practice in Garden City, NY, has informed 97,000 patients that their personal information was compromised, according to a report on the Newsday website.

Gamma and neutron imaging take a step toward the clinic

Researchers have been both intrigued by the potential of gamma and neutron imaging for the early detection of cancer but concerned by the potential radiation dose involved. New research suggests that the safety profile of gamma imaging and neutron imaging may be on par with that of conventional imaging techniques that use ionizing radiation, according to a paper in the June issue of Medical Physics.

G.E. Healthcare partners with Tesla on 7T MRI research scanners

G.E. Healthcare, Buckinghamshire, U.K., announced a partnership with West Sussex, U.K.-based Tesla Engineering Ltd. on the development of a new 7T whole-body MRI scanner.

Want to see the next mobile health device?

Look in the mirror, says demographer Faith Popcorn in “Flying into the Future,” five trends to watch in 2014. Popcorn predicts that the line between device and human will vanish as wearable technology becomes implanted, presenting extraordinary opportunities in health care.

Penalties Loom for a Third of Outpatient CT Installed Base

Before January 2016, an estimated third of the outpatient installed CT base will need to be replaced, if providers wish to avoid the 5% penalty that Medicare will levy on exams acquired with outdated CT technology.

One-third of CT installed base must be replaced to avoid Medicare penalties

Before January 2016, an estimated one-third of the outpatient installed CT base will need to be replaced if providers wish to avoid the 5% penalty Medicare will levy on scans acquired with outdated CT technology.

Medicare to pay 5% less for CT scans acquired on non-compliant technology

In January 2016, Medicare will begin reimbursing providers 5 percent less for CT scans that are acquired on technology that does not meet Standard XR-29-2013, the latest specifications for CT dose optimization published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA).

Intrinsic Imaging achieves quality milestone

Intrinsic Imaging, the Boston-based clinical research organization (CRO) arm of South Texas Radiology Group in San Antonio, has obtained ISO 22301:2012 business continuity certification, a quality designation awarded by the International Organization for Standardization.

Radiology device failures propel doubling of medical device recalls

The number of annual medical device recalls increased by 97 percent between 2003 and 2012, and radiology devices played a leading role in the growth trend, according to a report from the Center for Devices and Radiological Health.