A quick pulse check with a cross section of radiology practices reveals that there is a place in the market for practices of all types and sizes

On breast tomosynthesis, some private payors are missing in action

In the communication of actionable radiologic findings, the human voice trumps all

For the second time, the HHS Office of Inspector General has issued a confusing advisory opinion on payment of transcription costs by radiologists, concluding once again that such a financial arrangement would not violate the federal anti-kickback statute.

We turned to Thomas Hoffman, JD, CAE, associate general counsel for the ACR, to explore the potential liabilities associated with bringing outside images into the organization’s PACS.

Professional, business, and regulatory paradigm shifts occurring in interventional radiology present a new opportunity for interventional radiologists and their groups: Profiting from ownership of interventional radiology ambulatory surgery centers (“irASCs”).

U.S. hospitals continued their double-digit growth in EHR adoption, according to a new study published in Health Affairs, achieving a 75.2% adoption rate by the end of 2014.

The promise is tantalizing, but the challenges persist: Can breast tomosynthesis save more lives than two-dimensional mammography and at what cost?

A popular radiology consultant identifies challenges facing radiology under healthcare reform and shares six strategies for success

A comprehensive enterprise imaging strategy requires hospitals to develop discipline and processes to manage all forms of imaging—including the rapidly proliferating category of mobile images

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