Enough talk about it, just do it

Radiology departments and practices have begun to gravitate away from fee for service and into the realm of risk and value-based medicine.

A private practice in Alabama invests in IT and relationships in advance of participating in a Medicaid regional-care organization.

Propelled by everything from regulatory requirements to patient centricity, all roads point toward direct communications with patients by radiologists.

Reimbursement cuts are being met by cost-cutting initiatives in a still-fragmented outpatient imaging-center market.

A radiologist considers the disconnect between evidence-based medicine and the courtroom.

Will Latham, principal of Latham Consulting Group (Charlotte, NC), is in the business of helping medical groups make decisions and resolve conflicts—which means teaching the art of negotiation. 

Almost all businesses have to re-examine and renovate their business model from time to time, and healthcare providers are no exception.

After a false start or two, CMS has set a final ICD-10 implementation deadline for October 1, 2015, as widely expected. 

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