The specialty is on multiple tracks to implementing patient-centered care in radiology

The diagnostic process receives well-deserved attention from the Institute of Medicine

Recent legislation assures that it will be an enduring—as well as evolving—program

Like so many elves—plumbers is the analogy used by Daniel L. Rubin, MD—at work, a few dozen radiologists took a terminology for coding procedures created by the ACR for teaching purposes and developed it over the past decade into not just a common language but a complete ontology for the specialty of radiology: RadLex.

Whether you are considering buying or selling a radiology practice (or an imaging center), business continues to be brisk.

Although there is no shortage of maxims, axioms and old adages supporting the wisdom to be found in failure, few organizations succeed in mining a flop for the value it confers.

Radiological and patient outcomes are under review as the specialty strives to define, demonstrate and measure its value in patient care

New information technologies could change the process of communicating with patients and generating reports

Over the course of his career, Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD, has blazed trails from macroscopic to microscopic imaging and back in pursuit of better imaging methods for nanotherapeutics

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