What should radiology be expending, in manpower as well as money, to help make medical imaging accessible to and from every clinical department? And what’s in enterprise imaging for radiology, anyway?

Many loyal referrers can be counted on to send a steady stream of patients your way, but that can change fast when signals get crossed or decision support turns testy. 

Anthem is forging ahead with its decision to push outpatient imaging out of hospitals. Is the insurance giant a pariah or a harbinger?

If you aren’t enhancing a young rad’s raw talent right now—and figuring diversity into radiology’s future—you’re hurting your practice’s long-term outlook.

The first female chief resident in an all-male program shares her thoughts on how far women have come in radiology and how far they still have to go.

When should radiology replace its resident-based overnight model with 24-hour attending coverage? Perhaps never.

The evidence points to ergonomically incorrect elements that can bring on or worsen aches and pains.

Radiology’s embrace of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is not just interesting—it’s impossible to ignore.

When it comes to ramping up on imaging clinical decision support, now is the time to assess your choices, set expectations, map out a plan and get the wheels of implementation turning. Imaging leaders need to play a key role in implementing CDS, educating ordering physicians and ensuring program success. 

As long as you’re aware of what radiologists do, you only need to have been an imaging patient a time or two to appreciate how much value the specialty adds to U.S. healthcare. Personally, of course, I know what rads do because of my work. But I also have plenty of firsthand experience to draw from. Thinking back, I count four MRIs, two CTs, one diagnostic ultrasound and a dozen or so x-rays. At least.

Many of radiology’s hottest topics are closely connected to health IT personnel and technologies, making HIMSS18 in Las Vegas an especially enticing meeting for any imaging professional. Christopher J. Roth, MD, associate professor of radiology at the Duke University School of Medicine and a member of the HIMSS-SIIM Enterprise Imaging Workgroup, spoke with RBJ to preview HIMSS18 and talk about the industry as a whole.

Numerous past presidents of the Radiology Business Management Association will be on hand when RBMA members gather April 5 to 8 in San Diego. The event is the group’s 2018 PaRADigm conference. The current leadership is bringing in a presidential lineup spanning five decades to showcase how far the organization has come—and to underscore how vital its work remains—half a century after it was founded.

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