Patients increasingly read their own radiology reports, and the trend is only accelerating. In this new world, radiologists need to be mindful of the harm that poorly chosen words can do to a patient’s peace of mind.

Genetics-based care nudges radiologists to shed their skin as discrete dispensers of diagnoses and grow as vital co-planners of treatment.

Despite the excitement over a new blood test for brain injury, radiology has a long future as a key player in the war against sports concussions.

Presenting five ways to establish, implement and monitor policies for divvying up duties, doling out rewards and sharing decision-making.

Here’s the thinking behind Anthem/AIM’s decision to steer certain advanced imaging procedures out of hospital settings.

The economic environment for breast imaging is already complex and still evolving. Keeping up requires understanding the dynamics at work.

Imaging CDS that includes appropriateness guidance may yet wring the full value out of the promising technology.

If you’re an American between middle age and senior citizenship, you’re getting encouraged to get screened for colon cancer. If your primary-care doctor doesn’t regularly remind you about the ease and availability of the test, no worries. Just consume any mass health media.

2018 has been an especially busy year for imaging leaders, with technology evolving at a rapid rate and healthcare policies continuing to change with the times. At AHRA 2018 in Orlando, many of those leaders will once again unite to share ideas, learn, network and have a little bit of fun. AHRA’s president, Angelic Bush, spoke with RBJ about some of the biggest trends in radiology right now and what she and her colleagues have planned for the big show in Orlando.

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