As you define, measure, and innovate value in radiology, be sure to innovate value capture as well

Immediate opportunities exist in radiology to reduce cost, raise quality, and improve value.

Many businesses do well at creating value, offering customers goods and services that both whet and satisfy an appetite for consumption.

If Kevin McEnery, MD, has one message for radiology, it is this: To improve service within the radiology department, you must have access to data from outside the radiology department.

The numbers are in, and they add up to a fire hose of data pushing Medicare to cover low-dose CT screenings for lung cancer in all beneficiaries who are at high risk. 

As radiology wrestles to arrive at a meaningful definition of quality, some organizations are beginning to quantify and monetize excellence

Three organizations address the common problems of variation in protocols, the reporting of incidental findings, and radiation dose.

Turning a radiology department into a high reliability organization requires leadership, teamwork, and a culture of safety.

Imaging informatics finds a new frontier in clinical quality improvement.

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