It took 45-year-old Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster County, just 13 years to ascend from x-ray tech to the most powerful position in the Keystone State’s General Assembly. 

When a child shows up at the emergency department with a traumatic brain injury, the encounter can often result in a costly head CT scan that provides little benefit to the patient, experts wrote Tuesday in JACR. 

Deep01 said the lion’s share of the contribution comes by way of electronics manufacturer Asus, with other Taiwan-based firms such as BE Capital also contributing. 

The American Hospital Association first made its plea in a letter to Health and Human Services leadership. 

A recent survey of 1,000 physicians released found that nearly one-quarter reported that these utilization-management techniques have led to adverse events for their patients. 

That’s according to a new analysis of care at one imaging department since Pennsylvania passed the “Patient Test Result Information Act" in 2018. 

Such cosmetic accessories have gained popularity in recent years, but do not typically show up on patient intake forms. 

London investment firm MMC Ventures is pitching in the largest share of capital, with additional contributions from Bayer, Seedcamp and InHealth Ventures, Agamon announced Monday. 

The agency specifically mentions three big names in imaging staffing—Radiology Partners, Mednax and Envision Healthcare—which have all seen their credit ratings downgraded at least once since the pandemic’s start. 

Radiologists across the country had pushed for a 2020 offering of online testing. However, the Tucson, Arizona-based doc-certification group noted that it could not start with the transition until next year.

Participating institutions will contribute demographic information, signs and symptoms data, imaging exams, lab tests and patient outcomes.

The National Cancer Institute model only accounts for colon and breast cancer screenings and represents a roughly 1% increase over pre-COVID-19 estimates.