The FDA's partial ban of e-cigarette flavors like mint and fruit stops well short of previous promises, healthcare groups argued. 

Legislation recently signed by President Trump will fund everything from the Cancer Moonshot to a dementia-related imaging study. 

That’s one of the key takeaways from a new analysis of trends in diagnostic imaging, published Dec. 31 in Radiology

The Marlborough, Massachusetts-based technology company first announced plans to sell Cynosure in November, and completed the deal on Dec. 30.

“Callbacks frustrate patients and erode trust between radiologists, patients, families and referring providers,” Michigan Medicine experts wrote. 

The tech company has been working alongside Northwestern University and several U.K. institutions for years to develop the model.

Roosevelt General Hospital is urging its customers to stay vigilant, as information affected included dates of birth, social security numbers and insurance details. 

At least three institutions have also been banned from providing imaging services due to defective equipment. 

Fluorodopa F 18, as the drug is called, is injected into patients in preparation for a PET scan. 

A new dangerous lung disease caused by vaping and a policy change that could cost radiology billions were just a few of the stories that resonated with Radiology Business readers in 2019, but it was patient shielding that drew the most eyeballs. 

Some legislators had hoped to enact a legislative remedy to this problem in 2019, with it drawing ire from politicians in both parties. 

The Tokyo-based technology and imaging company has named Jack Hoppin as president of precision medicine, while Matthew Silva will serve as CEO of Invicro.