The chief of the Journal of the American College of Radiology recently made that declaration in a new editorial released on Thursday, Dec. 5.

Almost 900 docs spelled out those qualms in a sharply worded letter to U.S. House and Senate leaders sent Thursday, Dec. 5. 

With the agreement, Inspira Health plans to standardize diagnostic technology across its dozen-plus facilities, including three hospitals. 

European researchers have trained and validated an algorithm for quantifying prostate measurements on PET/CT scans.

That’s according to an analysis of nearly 600 malpractice claims against radiologists closed between 2013 and 2018, released by the Doctor's Company on Tuesday Dec. 3. 

Researchers with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recently made that discovery by analyzing data from almost 47,000 individuals. 

Women who use oral contraceptives have a “significantly” smaller area of the brain that’s responsible for regulating everything from body temperature to mood, appetite, sex drive and sleep cycles. 

The Radiological Society of North America continued to fill out its board of directors this week, naming a new president, president-elect and chairman. 

“Early detection remains key to improving breast cancer outcomes and our collective goal is to optimize critical tools for diagnosis," said Dorraya El-Ashry, PhD, chief scientific officer for the BCRF. 

In U.S. healthcare’s volume-to-value era, the ability to directly compare two or more diagnostic and/or therapeutic options is paramount. And the head-to-head matchup must reveal which pathway promises the biggest bang for the buck.

Electronic scooters have exploded in popularity, but are causing headaches in some communities. 

The Radiological Society of North America announced the addition of decorated neuroradiologist Carolyn Meltzer, MD, to its board of directors on Tuesday, Dec. 3.