Case Studies

AI is not part of their current plans (36%), more than quarter (27%) are assessing and planning to deploy AI in the future and 23% are advanced and proficient with AI. Read more

 Proficient in AI (75%) or advanced (25%) in using and developing AI for several years. Read more

AI in Healthcare worked alongside Pure Storage on this survey, with Pure offering an educational grant to sponsor the data gathering and report creation.

AI apps for imaging outnumber all other categories of FDA-approved apps to date.

Standard practice seems to be a blend of commercial AI solutions and teams at healthcare facilities and systems developing their own, with half adopting this strategy.

Improving accuracy, efficiency and workflow are the top benefits leaders see with AI.

Healthcare leaders are in full gear in investing in infrastructure—with 45 percent buying this fiscal year. AI is all about the data and it is infrastructure that opens up access and brings speed for bedside and immediate decision-making. 

The future is now. It’s here. Health systems are hiring data scientists and spending on infrastructure.

Meet the Survey Respondents

AI is “very important” or “absolutely essential” to strategy and future plans (72%). Read more