Exclusive Webinar: 5 Strategies for Implementing a Successful Enterprise Imaging Strategy

Enterprise imaging (EI) is one of the most important areas of focus in modern healthcare, especially in image-heavy specialties such as radiology and cardiology. A new webinar from the teams at  Health Exec and Change Healthcare, “Realizing the Value of Enterprise Imaging: 5 Key Strategies for Success,” examined the value of EI and why healthcare providers need to treat it so seriously. 

“The current departmental approach to imaging system procurement has resulted in a highly fragmented imaging IT infrastructure,” Hui-Siong Ng, Change Healthcare’s director of product management for EI and radiology solutions, said during the presentation. “This brings about issues like unnecessary costs, incomplete electronic health record strategies, physician frustrations, suboptimal performance, suboptimal patient care and compliance and cybersecurity challenges. In many health systems, imaging data has actually become a liability.”

This, Ng added, is why implementing an effective EI strategy is so crucial. The evolving healthcare landscape requires providers, and even patients, to access an exponentially growing amount of imaging data. Trying to organize that data without a proper plan in place is a recipe for disaster.

Getting that EI strategy in place can improve patient care, lower provider costs and helped reduce the complexities surrounding a health system’s IT infrastructure. And at the center of any good EI strategy, Ng noted during the presentation, are five key strategies:

1. Enable consolidation

2. Improve physician productivity

3. Effective encounter-based capture

4. Workflow orchestration

5. Cybersecurity

To hear Ng provide an in-depth analysis of each strategy—and much more helpful context about this key issue—click the webinar above.