Providing Imaging Stability and Efficiency Through a VNA

INTEGRIS Health was managing multiple PACS with various archives across 9 hospitals, which presented a myriad of issues. Systems were unreliable with unpredictable downtimes, and the healthcare system was experiencing an ongoing unavailability of relevant prior studies. Due to constraints with the existing technology, change was unapproachable.

Dax Ewbank, Enterprise Solutions Architect discusses how INTEGRIS Health partnered with the TeraMedica Division of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. to rearchitect the entire enterprise imaging infrastructure with the VNA as a foundation. With a consolidated VNA storage architecture, relevant priors are consistently available, eliminating the need for manual retrievals. Physician workflows, satisfaction and efficiencies were improved with the implementation of the VNA. Future system integrations and changes are made easier and predictable through the VNA.

Topics discussed:

  • Multiple systems and archives presented reliability issues
  • A VNA foundation provides stability and consolidation
  • Improved physician workflows and efficiencies are experienced through the VNA
  • Simplified EMR integrations​, including future ​non-DICOM departments
  • The VNA as roadmap for future enterprise imaging strategies