Things Can Only Get Better: Knowing When & How to Replace Your PACS

Workflow. Efficiency. The terms are bounced around every day in healthcare. But when it comes to the productivity and profitability of your radiologists and the department as a whole, the right PACS makes all the difference. Getting comfortable with a system can literally cost you hundreds of thousands, if not more.

This complimentary webinar will address how PACS built on the latest consumer technology platforms can not only ease the transition, but also provide the productivity improvements and cost savings you need. And, perhaps, assure you don’t need to replace your PACS ever again.

Recommended PACS replacement strategies and tactics to be presented include:

  • How to motivate loyal radiologists to try a new PACS
  • Why consumer-based platforms and technologies can result in more efficient PACS solutions
  • Tips for maximizing your PACS replacement investment
  • Steps to take to ensure a smooth data migration
  • Best practice for engaging administration in the project