A New Model for Radiology Collaboration

How Rad Groups are Joining Forces to Fortify Business

Radiology practices have long sought a solution to the consolidation occurring in their marketplaces, as well as the commoditization happening in their midst. By collaborating instead of competing, radiology groups can leverage the power of their combined resources and data to speak with one voice and proactively build upon their ability to deliver the best possible service and care in their communities, all while remaining independent.

Join us for a presentation about a new way to thrive in radiology, not just survive. Integrated Radiology Partners’ CEO, Bill Pickart, and Scott Luchs, MD, founding member of a new regional radiolgy joint venture in New York, Empire Health Support Services, discuss the benefits of forming regional radiology collaborations, followed by a Q&A session.


  • Bill Pickart, CEO, Integrated Radiology Partners
  • Scott Luchs, MD, President, Ramapo Radiology Associates & Orange Radiology Associates
  • Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle, President and CEO, The Kauffman Group; Publisher of ImagingBiz