Better, stronger, faster, safer, less expensive. That is the battle cry of radiology departments seeking out new tools and strategies to support a changing workforce and workplace. IT is at the forefront of innovation and leaders are changing the way they think about managing data and storage.

Join a panel of experts to hear how technologies like graphic processing units (GPUs), cloud storage and artificial intelligence are changing the practice of radiology: streamlining workflows, boosting radiologist and department productivity and laying the groundwork for better patient care and greater departmental efficiencies. 

Learn from the Expert Panel About:

  • Harnessing the power of AI and ML throughout the radiology department from predictive maintenance on modalities to streamlining critical care paths
  • Leveraging cloud and hybrid-cloud technologies for data access and data management strategies
  • Applying GPUs to provide graphic acceleration and ultrafast data computations
  • Adopting web service interfaces and object-based storage solutions for highly scalable, reliable, fast and inexpensive storage infrastructure for medical images

Target Audience

  • Chiefs of Radiology & Radiologists
  • Radiology Practice Leaders
  • Radiology and Imaging Administrators
  • CIOs and IT Directors and Managers
  • Healthcare IT Professionals and PACS Administrators
  • Clinical Informatics & Clinical Applications Specialists

Expert Panel


Tony Turner, RT
Strategic Partner Manager, 
Medical Imaging NetApp

Brad Genereaux
Medical Imaging Alliance Manager | Healthcare

Esteban Rubens
Healthcare AI Principal NetApp


Jim Best
Executive Health IT Consultant, Mercy Technology Service