RAYUS Shines a Light on Radiology and a Bright Future

Wellspring-backed RAYUS Radiology writes a new narrative for the entire radiology industry

Why would a 40 year old, well-respected player change their name amidst mass industry consolidation? Competitive move? Sure. Advantage for partners and patients? Illuminating.

Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic reshape occurring in the practice of radiology.  According to Radiology Business, 70% of radiology physicians are employed by private equity firms.  Wellspring and the executive team at RAYUS Radiology, formerly Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), see a bigger play. In fact, RAYUS is shining a light on the entire industry.

The days of radiology being in the metaphorical “dark” are long gone. Radiology is one of the hottest areas of medicine. Technology is leading the way.  Interventional radiology has presented an exciting new pathway for residency.  AI is simplifying the speed and quality of diagnosis. As reported in the Global Radiology Service Market Report, “Radiology has played as a significant tool for diagnosis of several diseases and has played an extremely powerful role in the supervision of treatment and prediction of the outcome.” High quality radiology studies are a critical role for providers and their patients. In other words, radiology is a key ingredient to a patient’s health and wellness, and radiologists are being recognized for this. 

“Radiology shines a light on a patient’s problem. Radiology shines a light on the solution and importantly the provider who is making the right diagnosis or mapping out the right treatment plan,” said RAYUS Radiology CEO Kim Tzoumakas. “At RAYUS Radiology, we want to shine a light on our 2000+ team members, physicians, partners…and the industry at large.  Shine On.  At the end of the day, it is all about valuing the people and ensuring they know they are valued – whether that is our team members or our radiologists, we strive to create a different culture.

With its new “Shine On” campaign, RAYUS Radiology is shaking things up. In June, the company announced plans for a comprehensive rebrand, morphing from CDI into RAYUS Radiology. RAYUS is accelerating the expansion of their already national network. Through the SHINE ON branding campaign, they’re setting a new tone for the industry.  It’s big news — for physicians, for patients, and for all who strive for a more brilliant future for healthcare.

RAYUS Radiology evokes both the ray of light by which the radiologists work, and the shining example it sets for the rest of the industry. RAYUS has its sights set on becoming THE national healthcare radiology leader. To get a better understanding of what drives them, and what this inflection point means for the industry, we took a deep-dive into the people and systems that constitute RAYUS Radiology.

A Brief History

For 40 years, CDI set the gold standard for radiology. Where other providers have grown less personal, CDI grew more patient-centric, providing top-quality imaging scans in a matter of hours. They graduated from a midwestern niche provider to a comprehensive national leader in radiology, with 135 freestanding locations in 22 states, 400+ radiologists performing 75 million scans annually, and short and long-term hospital solutions in all 50 states.

In 40 years, CDI accomplished a lot. Now, RAYUS Radiology wants to accomplish even more and shine a light on a critical industry for the future of healthcare.  Why? Because patients across America suffer under the impersonal cost before quality healthcare status quo.

Moreover, as RAYUS Radiology CEO, Kim Tzoumakas says, radiology has not yet taken its rightful place as the center of health and wellness. Radiology provides fundamental insights that permit all other avenues of care to succeed. Patients and physicians should expect better than impersonal medicine. All patients and physicians should expect the kind of speed, quality, and compassion that has fueled RAYUS’s success for 40 years.

RAYUS dreams big, and they dream with purpose. How will RAYUS Radiology realize their lofty ambitions, providing a quality-first option in healthcare? It starts with people.

Brilliant People

Lots of healthcare providers talk about being patient-oriented — RAYUS actually lives it. They staff their centers with always-on subspecialists who are available 24/7. When a patient has a head injury — on a weekday, a weekend, or a holiday — they’re seen by a neuroradiologist. If they have an attack of appendicitis a fracture, they’re seen by a body radiologist musculoskeletal radiologist. In short, they’re seen quickly by the team most qualified to diagnose the issue.

Brilliant Systems

The Quality Institute (QI), established in 2003 by RAYUS Radiology, facilitates an industry-leading peer review process exclusive to RAYUS. Through the QI, its always on, in-network physicians anonymously review each other’s work, perpetuating a culture of constant improvement. In 2016, the Federal Government liked what it saw, and used the QI as one of their resources to help develop and cement industry-wide best practices. Since then, the QI has developed the Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) Library, a vast repository containing more than 150 current clinical trial protocols and much more.

RAYUS Radiology complements their Brilliant People with Brilliant Systems, defining excellence in radiology for their organization and all others.

RAYUS leverages leading-edge technology, including AI-supported diagnostic reviews, to revolutionizing the industry. Their secure data warehouse already houses 2.5 billion images across all modalities. By expanding its systems, RAYUS promises to support and remain at the forefront of these innovations.

Brilliant Care

Ultimately, care is what it’s all about. When it comes to radiology, patients are anxious — they’re worried about their bodies, and they want answers, fast. No matter where patients live, how much money they make, or what their insurance covers, they should be able to receive this level of care quickly.

That’s RAYUS’s vision. Brilliant Care doesn’t just mean freestanding centers in multiple states; it means being there for patients, wherever they are. It means inspiring confidence in referring physicians. RAYUS Radiology intends to migrate market share away from those who strive for anything less than brilliance.

RAYUS Radiology shines a light into the broader healthcare industry. Shine on, RAYUS Radiology.

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