How AI marketplaces could transform radiology

AI marketplaces could have a significant impact on the future of radiology, according to a new analysis published by the Harvard Business Review. They help radiologists get their hands on groundbreaking technology much like traditional “app stores” help people get games and other applications on their smartphones.

“Radiology AI marketplaces are conceptually similar to app stores in that they enable discovery, distribution, and monetization of ‘apps,’ or in this case AI models, and provide a feedback channel between users and developers,” wrote Woojin Kim, MD, chief medical information officer for the healthcare division at Nuance Communications, and Karen Holzberger, vice president and general manager of diagnostics for Nuance. “Where these marketplaces differ from a conventional app store is in how they support the lifecycle requirements for developing, training, obtaining regulatory approval, deploying, and validating AI models.”

More and more vendors are opening up their own marketplaces, the authors observed. And this growth is making a direct impact on both consumers and the vendors themselves.

“They solve the ‘last mile’ problem by giving physicians and hospital systems one-stop access to a wide range of AI models,” Kim and Holzberger wrote. “AI developers in turn gain storefront access to a consolidated market and scalable revenue model.”

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