AI-based imaging suite from Oxipit gains CE certification

Oxipit, a medical imaging solutions manufacturer based out of Vilnius, Lithuania, announced that its ChestEye imaging suite has received CE certification. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze chest x-rays and provide preliminary radiology reports for 75 common radiological findings.

“The burden on radiologists has been constantly increasing,” Gediminas Peksys, Oxipit CEO, said in a prepared statement. “This has led to decline in quality of service for patients and bottlenecks to access good quality radiological reporting. The CE mark brings us a step closer in helping radiologists to harness the capabilities of deep learning in order to multiply their productivity and provide excellent service around the clock.”

In the statement, Peksys explained that the company uses research data involving complicated cases and images that often include more than one issue.

“The dataset represents real-life images that a medical institution encounters on a day-to-day basis, allowing our engine to achieve high precision in everyday applications,” Peksys said.

According to Oxipit, its solution is the first AI medical imaging suite to receive CE certification. ChestEye can be integrated into a department’s PACS or RIS and supports DICOM protocol. It is currently available for pilot deployment.