AI startup competition tackles MRI times, cell imaging technology

Tech company Nvidia’s Inception contest seeks to find the top artificial intelligence (AI) startups in key sectors, including healthcare, to alter the direction of select industries.

This year, more than 200 entries will be whittled down to three finalists who will split the $1 million prize. Recently, Dean Takahashi with Venture Beat listened to pitches from the 12 semifinalists, including four pitches from healthcare companies.

Silicon Valley startup Subtle Medical thinks it can significantly speed up MRI testing, increase image quality and create more affordable imaging with AI deep learning neural networks.

“We can make it faster, cheaper, safer and smarter,” said co-founder, Enhao Gong, to Venture Beat. “We believe an AI-empowered engine workflow will result in more usage.”

Canadian startup Phenomic AI is trying to eliminate chemotherapy resistance by predicting which cells will survive treatment through AI imaging technology and identifying compounds that selectively target the resistance cells.

The winners will be announced March 26-29 at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley.

Read about the remainder of the competing startups in the link below.