AI-powered triage software for mammograms gains FDA clearance

CureMetrix, a La Jolla, California-based healthcare technology company, has received FDA clearance for its new AI-based triage software solution for mammography.

Radiologists can use the software, CureMetrix cmTriage, to sort and customize their worklist as needed. It also gives users freedom to tweak the department’s workflow, sending certain studies to more senior radiologists, for example, or performing some interpretations before the patient has left the clinic.

“Early and accurate detection in breast cancer is key in improving cancer survival rates worldwide through the development of next generation medical image analysis solutions,” Kevin Harris, CureMetrix CEO and board director, said in a prepared statement. “With 40 million mammograms a year in the U.S., only five cancers per 1,000 are being found at screening. cmTriage allows the radiologist to prioritize their worklist, creating the potential to help doctors move more quickly through their reviews and find those cancers by highlighting the suspicious cases.”

“Analysis of mammograms with cmTriage has the potential to help radiologists focus on the suspicious cases and increase their productivity,” Lisa Watanabe, MD, CureMetrix chief medical officer and a clinical associate professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, said in the same statement. “This will allow for more time to engage with our patients and the healthcare team.”