American College of Radiology Data Science Institute releases 6 new AI use cases

The American College of Radiology’s Data Science Institute has released six new artificial intelligence use cases, officials announced on Friday.

ACR said the updates pertain to neuroradiology and cover clinical scenarios including white matter lesion tracking in multiple sclerosis patients and hemorrhagic brain contusions. All told, the institute now offers 21 sample cases in brain imaging, responding to burgeoning demand from the subspecialty.

“Practitioners are expressing tremendous enthusiasm for practical AI tools to improve neuroradiology diagnosis and treatment,” Alexander Norbash, MD, chairman of the ACR DSI Neuroradiology Panel, said in a Feb. 19 announcement.

These latest updates are meant to aid docs with disease detection and lesion quantification. Such Data Science Institute use cases offer up clinical scenarios where artificial intelligence might prove useful and include data to aid in training and testing algorithms, ACR said.