FDA approves GE Healthcare’s AI algorithms for chest x-rays

GE Healthcare announced Thursday, Sept. 12, that Critical Care Suite, the company’s collection of AI algorithms that can be embedded directly on mobile x-ray solutions, has received FDA approval.

The algorithms, developed with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), immediately scan chest x-rays for signs of a suspected pneumothorax. When such a finding is detected, the image is sent directly to the radiologist to review; the technologist receives a notification as well.

“X-ray—the world’s oldest form of medical imaging—just got a whole lot smarter, and soon, the rest of our offerings will too,” Kieran Murphy, president and CEO of GE Healthcare, said in a prepared statement. “GE Healthcare is leading the way in the creation of AI applications for diagnostic imaging and taking what was once a promise and turning it into a reality. By integrating AI into every aspect of care, we will ultimately improve patient outcomes, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and eliminate costly errors. Critical Care Suite is just the beginning.”

“Clinicians are always looking for clinically proven methods to increase outcomes and improve the patient experience,” Rachael Callcut, MD, MSPH, an associate professor of surgery at UCSF who helped develop Critical Care Suite, said in the same statement. “When a patient x-ray is taken, the minutes and hours it takes to process and interpret the image can impact the outcome in either direction. AI gives us an opportunity to speed up diagnosis, and change the way we care for patients, which could ultimately save lives and improve outcomes.”