GE Healthcare, Fujitsu Australia announce new AI partnership

GE Healthcare and Fujitsu Australia have announced a new collaboration focused on diagnosing and monitoring brain aneurysms using AI.

While GE Healthcare will bring its imaging solutions—including its CT scanners—to the project, Fujitsu is slated to lead the collaboration and provide its own insight into AI and digital solutions. Macquarie University and Macquarie Medical Imaging, both based in Australia, will also participate in the research by contributing “clinical expertise for the development and testing of the technology.”

One of the primary goals of the research project is to develop and validate an AI algorithm that can identify blood vessels within the brain’s circle of Willis that may contain one or more aneurysms.

“We are pleased to be part of this important ‘co-creation’ initiative that leverages the strengths of each of our partners, as well as Fujitsu’s experience in AI to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives,” Mike Foster, CEO of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, said in a prepared statement. “AI in particular has the capability to make our daily lives more comfortable and contribute to solving difficult problems such as detecting serious medical issues early and allowing more timely treatment intervention.”

“As the consequences of brain aneurysm rupture are often fatal, effective and expedient detection is crucial,” Matt Tucker, president and CEO of GE Healthcare Australia and New Zealand, said in the same statement. “Unfortunately screening and monitoring takes time and specialist expertise not afforded by every radiology practice. The application of AI can give doctors better insights more quickly and produce fewer variable results.”