Guerbet, IBM Watson Health collaborating on AI-based liver cancer solutions

Guerbet announced Tuesday, July 10, that it has signed an exclusive agreement to collaborate with IBM Watson Health and develop artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions that help detect, diagnose and treat liver cancer.

Watson Imaging Care Advisor for Liver is the collaboration’s first product, a clinical decision support solution designed to use AI to automate everything from the detection to the recommended treatment of primary and secondary liver caners. This will be the first of “a family of decision support tools” that uses imaging analytics to help radiologists make important clinical decisions.

“Liver cancer is a growing health concern globally, and the use of augmented intelligence by medical imaging is well positioned to help address it,” Yves L'Epine, Guerbet's CEO, said in a prepared statement. “We are proud to work with IBM Watson Health to develop a solution dedicated to liver disease, which could help make it possible for clinicians to make more informed characterizations of tissue without recourse to biopsy.”

"Imaging is a critical area of healthcare where we believe artificial intelligence can be used to expand the physician's view, so they can be more informed in their diagnostic and treatment decisions for their patients,” Anne Le Grand, vice president of imaging at IBM Watson Health, said in the same statement. “We are excited to bring together the significant respective expertise of IBM and Guerbet to advance innovation in this important field, and ultimately help combat the challenge of liver cancer globally.”