Qure.ai's AI-based chest x-ray solution receives CE certification

Qure.ai, a San Mateo, California-based healthcare startup focused on artificial intelligence (AI), announced that its qXR chest x-ray system has received CE certification. The company used more than one million chest x-rays to train the solution, which can “read” images and identify 15 common chest x-ray abnormalities, including tuberculosis, with an accuracy of more than 90 percent.

According to Qure.ai, qXR was the first AI-based chest x-ray solution to receive CE certification. The company also designed a web-based interface that lets radiologists test qXR’s overall performance.

“The chest x-ray is the most commonly-performed radiology investigation, but one of the toughest to interpret,” Shalini Govil, quality controller for the Columbia Asia Radiology Group, said in a prepared statement from Qure.ai. “Qure.ai’s solution could serve as a radiology assistant, providing a draft report that can be validated by a physician or radiologist. They’ve also come up with technology to visualize what the algorithm sees—a way to ‘see through the computer’s eyes.’ I think this will be a game-changer on the road to building confidence in AI.”

“We’re excited to announce this certification, which clears our path to market in many geographies,” Prashant Warier, co-founder and CEO of Qure.ai, said in the same statement. “qXR can help doctors quickly and accurately detect and highlight abnormalities, reducing the chances of a missed diagnosis.”