Zebra Medical Vision receives 3 grants to implement AI solutions throughout Israel

Zebra Medical Vision announced it has received grants from the Israel Innovation Authority to implement its AI algorithms in three of Israel's largest medical institutions.

The providers in question—Ichilov Hospital, Maccabi Healthcare Services and Clalit Health Services—manage more than 90 percent of patients treated in Israel, according to a prepared statement. Zebra Medical Vision’s AI will be used to prioritize radiologist worklists for Ichilov Hospital, provide second reads for Maccabi Healthcare Services and detect early signs of osteoporosis and heart disease for Clalit Health Services.

“Our team is humbled by the credit that was given us by the Innovation authority and is committed to providing the best solutions to our local care providers,” Eyal Gura, Zebra Medical Vision’s co-founder and CEO, said in the statement. “In 2020, the majority of the people around us, including our loved ones, will be impacted by the tools we are creating. There is nothing more satisfying than that for our team.”