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Hyperfine said its new deep-learning software can aid in measuring brain structure and pathology in images obtained by its Swoop product. 

DeepHealth, a subsidiary of the Los Angeles-based imaging giant, said its novel algorithm demonstrated higher performance than a group of trained breast radiologists. 

ABR said artificial intelligence will help determine which oral and computer-based exams to review more closely for infractions. 

The algorithm also demonstrated “excellent” performance in spotting lung cancers missed on chest x-rays, experts wrote in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging. 

The Paris, France-based firm joins a growing list of vendors to earn these new technology add-on payments from the feds.

The problem persists across physicians of varying tenure, signaling that understanding the clinical situation may be more important than experience alone.

Also, the Radiology Business Management Association declares Nov. 30 through Dec. 5 "Vendor Appreciation Week," and several new AI partnerships in imaging. 

Also Hackensack Meridian Health touts new SPECT/CT camera, Novarad rolls out free COVID AI software, and more market moves. 

The tool does so by analyzing a patient’s speech patterns and facial movements and can make a call with the accuracy of an ER doc, researchers claim. 

Artificial intelligence costs less, integrates into workflows, and is less likely to take over their duties, Daniel Ortiz and colleagues wrote in JACR

Dartmouth College experts are now looking to upload their novel training to the web to help others share in their success. 

The findings illustrate that even if such algorithms are ready for primetime, providers have work to do convincing patients of their efficacy, Dutch experts noted.

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The college praised the recent reimbursement decision but noted many of its recommendations have yet to be incorporated into the national coverage determination draft document.

Early experiments showed the saponin/TLR adjuvant activates many different parts of the immune system to strengthen its response against invading pathogens.

The advanced algorithm could make a significant impact on shared decision-making. 

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