Alliance Sells Radiology 24|7 to ONRAD
Radiology and radiation therapy services provider Alliance HealthCare Services, Inc, has sold its subsidiary Radiology 24|7, LLC, to teleradiology group ONRAD Inc. Radiology 24|7 generates approximately $15 million of revenue each year. Alliance, which is based in Newport Beach, Calif., and ONRAD, which is based 47 miles away in Riverside, Calif., also entered into a strategic affiliation where Alliance will designate ONRAD as its exclusive provider of teleradiology services and ONRAD will designate Alliance as its exclusive provider of technical radiology services. “This strategic affiliation with ONRAD, coupled with the Radiology 24|7 divestiture, makes sense for all parties involved," stated Tom Tomlinson, Alliance's CEO and president in the press release. "For Alliance, we maintain a great partnership and it allows us to focus on our core offering as we streamline operations. ONRAD is an important partner and ideal candidate to lead the teleradiology segment based on their knowledge and expertise. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship, and leveraging our combined strengths in the industry.” Alliance has approximately 1,800 employees and provides clinical services to more than 1,000 hospitals and other healthcare partners in 44 states. It operates 487 diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy systems, and is the nation’s largest provider of advanced diagnostic mobile imaging services. It also has 127 fixed-site imaging centers and 28 radiation therapy centers across the country.