A Corner Turned
Curtis KauffmanIt is rather amazing, for those of us here at imagingBiz who hopefully envisioned this day, that it has arrived much sooner (and with much more definition) than we anticipated when we crafted the concept for Radiology Business Journal a few short years ago. The fact that we are bringing you a 76-page publication—in an era when many other publications are cutting staff, are printing fewer pages (on inferior paper), and are generally anemic in their editorial matter—is a testament to the degree to which our commitment to the profession has bucked a trend toward skimping on quality. For us, high-quality content has been the impetus for what is now, quite obviously, a valuable source of credible information for the profession. We humbly thank you for your positive reception. We are very gratified that you have embraced this journal and that you find it timely, credible, and meaningful in running your practice, center, or hospital. You have told us how important you find the articles and that you pass them along to colleagues. It is our goal to find the most compelling authors to write about the topics that contribute to your education about the economics and business elements of the fast-paced world of medical imaging. Because we actively participate in the profession ourselves, the articles that we develop reflect the issues, trends, interests, and concerns that are playing out, in real time, all across the country. That is an unusual combination for a media organization and one that continues to set us apart from the ordinary and mundane. Year Four As we end our third year of publishing this important journal and enter what is, perhaps, the most exciting and interesting time in the history of the medical-imaging profession, we are extremely excited about the ideas and topics that we plan to bring you throughout 2011 (and beyond). The editorial staff has developed an outline of a wide variety of articles that we will be publishing next year, along with an equally impressive list of authors and case studies that will bring to life, through words and illustrations, the dynamic stories that will inspire and help guide us through another year of change and complexity. Quite literally, this would not be possible at all were it not for the generous support of our growing list of sponsors and advertisers. Through their active participation as underwriters, we are able to invest the resources necessary to attend the appropriate conferences, to interview the thought leaders, to attract the highest-caliber writers, to print on better paper, to include original artwork and graphics, and to use the other expensive elements required to produce a top-level publication. We extend our thanks to all of those advertisers who signed up early on, as well as to those that have come on board with us this year. Based on our early commitments, 2011 looks likely to be an even better year, allowing us to continue to add great content, for your customers and our readers, in each of the planned six issues. I started my publishing career in college, as a staff writer for the university’s magazine, in 1973. My passion for the creation of superb journalism has only grown since that time, increasing each year as I have continued to learn about interesting people, issues, topics, and trends. The opportunity to encounter them, experience them, and synthesize them, in a way that allows me to use my communications skills, has been a true gift—and so, 37 years on, is publishing yet another wonderful issue of an important publication. Never lose the passion for what you do. Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle is publisher of ImagingBiz.com and Radiology Business Journal, and is a 30-year veteran of the medical-imaging industry.