What Google and RBJ Have in Common
Curtis PickelleIt was interesting recent announcements¹,² from Google (Mountain View, California) that got me thinking about our similarities. Google’s new ranking system was not universally endorsed, especially by those organizations that are not in the business of creating and frequently updating original content. The company that virtually invented the modern weighted search has, over the years, developed grading systems that reward those websites that are rich in content, those that update their sites with fresh information, and those that contribute to the body of knowledge. In the eyes of Google, distinctions should be made between those organizations that merely show up and those that actually invest heavily in building content; in other words, those that actually add value. Google has announced new criteria and guidelines for ranking websites, based on tightening these distinctions. We agree, and therefore applaud Google’s move, because we feel exactly the same way. In fact, we created this business based on the notion that radiologists, health-care executives, and those running hospitals and outpatient centers want and need much more than had been provided to them at the time. They (you) need content that is rich in depth, timely, relevant, and helpful in ways that will ensure that you have the information and tools necessary to compete effectively in a changing medical-imaging arena. Meeting this need was our primary vision when we launched Radiology Business Journal. As a result, the publication that you hold in your hands is at least twice the size of most other publications vying for your attention in the radiology space. RBJ contains mountains of new and innovative editorial content—page after page of in-depth and relevant material that is written and edited by a team that is simply unmatched in the profession. Our editorial staff takes great pride in the fact that our articles are independent, unbiased, and vendor neutral. We consistently bring to life those stories that feature the credibility that only a team of objective journalists could provide. Unlike some who publish with the old-media mindset, we have no quid pro quo; there is no trade-off between advertising and the editorial pages. We know that this makes a difference because you need high-impact information that will help you navigate the quickly changing legislative, regulatory, business, and clinical landscape that is the new normal for the medical-imaging marketplace. RBJ has emerged as the go-to source for such top-level information. Just as Google does, RBJ takes the time to sort through the maze of data, publishing only the information that adds to the debate and body of knowledge—and that rises above the mediocre, to bring you the articles that make a difference in the business of your practice. Our content is crisp, intelligent, and thought provoking. We know this because you have taken the time to tell us why you prefer to read RBJ. It is most gratifying to know that our effort and vision are hitting the mark and that you appreciate the difference that a commitment to high-quality journalism makes in this hectic industry. As you will notice in this issue, we continue to add the industry’s most important and enlightened vendors, manufacturers, and service organizations as our sponsors. We are grateful to those companies that also understand that their messages need to be seen and read within an editorial environment that is stimulating and relevant to their customers. They succeed when you succeed, and they truly understand that in order for you to succeed, you need solutions and support that go way beyond the rehash of press releases. You need case studies, success stories, and articles by thought leaders that resonate with your situation—that help you stretch to reach new levels of competence and achievement. Thanks for your loyal readership over the years, and thanks to our growing list of advertisers for their support and endorsement of our concept. We are dedicated to guiding radiologists and health-care executives as you face new pressures, and it is our commitment to you that we will continue to add depth and breadth to all of our publications, based on the accumulated knowledge that these many years in medical imaging can provide. Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle is publisher of ImagingBiz.com and Radiology Business Journal, and is a 30-year veteran of the medical-imaging industry.