‘Yes, Ma’am’ program celebrates 20 years of providing free mammograms to those in need

The Center for Women’s and Children’s Health at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital in Wyandotte, Michigan, is celebrating 20 years of providing free mammograms to women in need.

The News-Herald in Southgate, Michigan, reported that the center’s “Yes, Ma’am” program has provided free mammograms to more than 2,500 women to date.

The program started in 1999 when Diana Wiebusch, a technologist at the Henry Ford health system, read a news report about a women who could not afford to undergo a mammogram, even though she feared she may have breast cancer.  

“In America, this should not happen,” Wiebusch said, as quoted in the report. “This simple procedure can save lives when cancer is detected early, and gives women a fighting chance at beating this disease.”

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