Augmented reality surgical system gains FDA clearance

Medivis, a New York-based healthcare technology company, announced that its new augmented reality (AR) surgical platform has received FDA approval.

The platform, SurgicalAR, uses AR, AI and computer vision to help surgeons gain new perspective into each procedure.

“Holographic visualization is the final frontier of surgical imaging and navigation,” Osamah Choudhry, MD, an experienced neurosurgeon and the CEO of Medivis, said in a prepared statement. "The surgical world continues to primarily rely on two-dimensional imaging technology to understand and operate on incredibly complex patient pathology."

“Medivis introduces advancements in holographic visualization and navigation to fundamentally advance surgical intervention, and revolutionize how surgeons safely operate on their patients,” Christopher Morley, MD, a radiologist and the president of Medivis, said in the same statement. “Achieving this milestone accelerates our mission to improve surgical precision and safety by allowing surgeons to see the invisible.”

Medivis plans to immediately make the solution commercially available in the United States.